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Annual Regular Audit, and Single State Audit for fiscal year ending June 30, 2014: Invitation to Bid - Bid Form

Town Offices and Boards

(Area codes are 203, unless otherwise indicated)

Application for Employment - Town of Bethlehem

Board of Selectmen

Leonard Assard     -  First Selectman

David Deakin        -  Selectman
David Butkus Jr.   -  Selectman


First & Third Tuesday  -  7:00 PM  Town Hall

The Town of Bethlehem operates under the Selectman-Board of Finance-Town Meeting form of government.  The Selectmen have limited legislative powers: They convene the town meeting and assist in drafting ordinances which the town meeting adopts; they are the principal administrative officials of the town; they are responsible for the building and maintenance of roads; they keep the town's financial records; they are responsible for the administration of the town welfare services; and they appoint people to administrative boards and commissions.  The duties and responsibilities of the Selectmen are varied and wide-ranging.  While most of the day-to-day work is done through managers who report to the First Selectman,  policy and procedural matters are handled by the board, sitting in public meetings (generally held the first and third Tuesday evenings of each month).  The meetings start at 7:30 PM, and always include time during which concerns of the public may be voiced.

Selectman's Office
36 Main St South
Bethlehem, CT   06751





Extension 200
Fax: 203-266-7670

Tuesday - Saturday:  9:00 AM - Noon

First & Third Tuesday:  5:00 PM - 7:00 PM (Preceding Meetings)

Town Book of Ordinances  

Town Clerk
36 Main St South
Bethlehem, CT   06751



Extension 207

Tuesday through Friday.......9:00 am to Noon

Tuesday evening...................5:00 pm to 7:00 pm

1st& 3rd Saturdays...............9:00 am to Noon

No Saturday Hours - July & August

It is the duty of the Town Clerk to receive and process all official records of the Town.  All Land Records are processed, recorded, microfilmed and indexed.  Conveyance Tax is collected and money turned over to the Town Treasurer monthly.  State Conveyance Tax is collected and remitted to Hartford every ten days.  Vital Statistics are recorded and monthly reports are sent to the State.  Dog licenses and Sportsmen's licensed are sold with monthly reports and money being sent to the State.  Marriage licenses are issued.  Ordinance Books, Sub-division regulations, Inland-wetlands Regulations and Maps are sold.  Bethlehem Municipal Refuse Disposal Area Permits are issued.  Land transfers are reported to the Assessors, Tax Collector and the State.  Itemized Grand List of Taxable property is submitted to the Office of Policy & Management, after checking the Abstract for clerical errors.  The Town Clerk also performs duties in connection with Elections and Referendums throughout the year, attends all Town Meetings (recording minutes in the Town Journal), and receives and files minutes of all Commissions and Boards.

Town Treasurer


Voicemail 305

Tax Collector
36 Main St South
Bethlehem, CT   06751



Extension 213

Tuesday - Friday:    9:00 AM to Noon

The Tax Collector's Office must follow State Statutes.  The goal is to secure maximum collection of revenues for the Town.  Every effort is made to cooperate with each and every taxpayer.  All of the most delinquent accounts are turned over to an attorney if the taxpayer does not respond to demands stated in a letter.  

36 Main St South
Bethlehem, CT  06751


Town of Bethlehem Assessor's Website


Extension 204

Tuesday - Friday:    9:00 AM to Noon

The function of the Assessors is to discover, list and value all taxable property within the Town of Bethlehem, and then to establish the Grand List.  The Assessors are also responsible for the administration of all State Grant programs that pertain to tax relief.  The Assessors are accountable to the Office of Policy and Management.

Contact the Assessors' Office for information on tax benefits for veterans, elderly homeowners, and elderly renters.  
Board of Assessment Appeals 203-266-5479

The Board of Assessment Appeals meets in the month of September for the purpose of hearing appeals related to the assessment of motor vehicles.  The first three Saturdays in March are designated for hearing appeals and adjustments in property assessments, including additions and subtractions of current assessments.  Request forms for hearing appeals are available in both the Assessors' and Town Clerk's office.  The request must be written and filed by February 20 in order to be heard in March.  Appeals are made in person, or by a designated agent.   Members of the Board of Assessment Appeals work part time, checking and updating the Grand List, field cards, summary cards, and property transfers.

Animal Control Officer

P.O. Box 160
Bethlehem, CT 06751


Voicemail 301

-Emergency #: 203-910-3228

The Animal Control Officer (appointed by the Fist Selectman) is responsible for administering and enforcing laws relating to animals.   The primary focus is on dog licensing and control, but State Statutes now include areas of concern about all animals, particularly regarding rabies control.

Board of Finance


Voicemail 304

Second Monday: 7:00 PM - Town Hall

The Board of Finance's function is to consider the town governments' finances from an overall viewpoint.  The general statutes give the board specific responsibility for:

  1. Preparing the Town budget

  2. Setting the property tax rate

  3. Approving deficiency and special appropriations and transfers

  4. Determining how town financial records are to be kept

  5. Arranging for an annual audit of town accounts

  6. Publishing the annual town report

One of the Board of Finance's monthly, regular functions is to review and discuss the Town's revenues and disbursements as stated above (#3), in its specific responsibilities.  The board strives for cooperation with the Town Spending Agencies, recommending they keep track of their expenses as the year progresses, and seek prior approval for any expenses exceeding their budget.  The Board works closely with the Board of Selectmen and all other Town agencies to try to keep tax rate increases to a minimum.  The Tax Collector furnishes the information needed to track the rate and timeliness of tax collections.  This information is vital in gauging the Town's expenditures in keeping with collections.  In planning the next year's budget all members of the Board of Finance are aware of the effect that the rate of tax collection has in meeting the expenses of the current year, and the revenues expected for the coming year.  The Board of Finance tries to keep money set aside, on a yearly basis, for the replacement of Town equipment.  Planning ahead for these inevitable needs is the fiscally responsible way to avoid huge increases in the Town's mill rate. 

Planning Commission 203-266-7510 Second Thursday:  7:00 PM - Town Hall

The Bethlehem Planning Commission has 5 regular and 3 alternate elected members.  They are responsible for the division of land in the town, advice on the use of town property, and making decisions on certain ordinances that come under their jurisdiction.  Numerous discussions are held with property owners regarding potential development of their land.  There are also several conversations with other commissions, agencies and town officials, for the purpose of enhancing understanding and cooperation.  The commission welcomes public attendance and comments.

Conservation Commission 203-266-7510 Second Tuesday: 7:00 PM - Town Hall

The mission of the Conservation Commission is to inform our citizens and town government about environmental concerns, such as: environmentally wise lawn care and landscaping, air pollution, litter problems, recycling, planning for future development, preservation of  our rural character, and the use and preservation of open space.  Our accomplishments include the drafting of an open space policy for Bethlehem, the development of an Inventory of Natural Resources, the formulation of modifications to the Bethlehem Planning Regulation regarding the preservation of open space, the Swendsen Farm Management Plan, and the Adopt-A-Road program.

Library Board of Directors


(Phone & Fax)

Fourth Wednesday:   5:00 PM - Library

The Library Board of Directors meets monthly to oversee the operation of the library and the effective utilization of its allocation of the Town's operating budget (excluding school funding).  All community members are encouraged to take advantage of the resulting resources for lifelong learning, for access to literature, music CDs, recreational reading, videos, books on tape, large print books, Internet Access, and interlibrary loans.  Services of the Connecticut State Library supplement and enhance our collection of over 23,000 books, with computerized access to several million more titles.  Most residents have a library card and many attend programs such as pre-school story times, children's craft hours, our summer oral history project, book talks, and lectures.   The Leever Community Room serves as a focus for these programs, and accommodates civic and youth groups for regular meetings.  Continued support from library users, plus increasing use of the facility and all its resources, point to the library's role in the community.

Parks & Recreation Commission



Extension 217

Second Tuesday:  7:00 PM - Town Hall

The Recreation Commission is proud to serve the community and provide the finest programs and trips to accommodate a wide range of interests.  Each year we offer craft making, educational courses, sports, and trips for the community.  We are always in search of new ideas and projects and we welcome new volunteers.  The Recreation Committee is also responsible for all activities at the Town Beach, including: hiring Lifeguards, maintaining the beach area, arranging for telephone hook-up, and trash pickup.  Volunteers make a difference.  Experience Recreation!

Long Meadow Lake Management Committee

Last Thursday, 7:00 PM - Library

(Except October through January)

The primary focus of the Long Meadow Lake Management Committee is maintaining the quality of the lake water by arranging for weed control and water quality testing.  The lake is tested by Torrington Area Health District.

Inland Wetlands  203-266-7510

First Tuesday: 7:00 PM -  Town Hall

(Nov. 2nd meeting - Memorial Hall)

Most  of  the  land in Bethlehem contains wetlands or watercourses and therefore its use is regulated by the the Inland Wetlands Agency.  While streams and ponds are obvious targets for protection, the regulations also define wetland soils, setback areas, and buffer zones.  Property owners  should familiarize themselves with the published regulations and consult the agency before any construction projects begin.  The Agency holds regular meetings on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM, in the Town Hall.  Elected members of the Agency discuss existing local and State regulations and their application to the use of land in Bethlehem.  The Agency would invite anyone interested in our regulations and the use of land in Bethlehem to join us a our meetings or to contact Agency members directly.

Resident State Trooper
36 Main St South
Bethlehem, CT   06751
203-266-7405 -

The Bethlehem Resident Trooper's office is staffed by one Resident Trooper and six part-time Bethlehem Police Officers.  The Officers are employed by the Town and work under the supervision of the Resident Trooper.  Other services through this office include assisting the Fire Department and Ambulance personnel at all emergencies, the child Registry Program, and the DARE  and Officer Phil programs at the Bethlehem Elementary School.  The biggest responsibility of the Resident Trooper and the Bethlehem Police Officers is crime prevention and awareness.  Their visibility in town is a positive deterrent, as is the support of citizens in alerting them of suspicious activities.  Citizens are encouraged to call the Resident Trooper's Office, or State Police Troop "L", Litchfield, when any suspicious activity is observed, or when police services are needed.  Working together in the community will make Bethlehem a safer and more enjoyable town to live in.

Fire Department
26 Main St South
Bethlehem, CT   0675

non-emergency #

Fire Marshall


Extension 210

Open Burning Guidelines Below

Fill out an application with the Town Clerk, Tuesday through Saturday, a week prior to the burning date.  Or, call the Fire Marshal's beeper 203-808-2325,  when the town hall is closed.  The site will be inspected by the Fire Marshal or assistant and a permit will be issued.  During the months of January, February, March, November and December,  weekly burning will be allowed.  During the months of April, May, June, July August, September and October,  burning will be allowed on weekends only.

Memorial Hall Committee --

Second Wednesday: 7:30 PM - Memorial Hall 

In keeping with our 1912 objective, we continue to ensure a proper facility for use by townspeople and local organizationsWe thank our friends, the Christmas Town Festival Committee, for their continued generous support.  We also thank all who assist in maintaining the Hall.

Length of Service Award-

The Length of Service Awards Committee (LOSA) was established to provide an annuity and life insurance benefit to the members of the Bethlehem Volunteer Fire Department and the Bethlehem Ambulance Association.  It was started as a way to reward the efforts of these volunteers, and to encourage new membership.   Fire and ambulance personnel must be active members for several years to qualify.  The Committee is made up of one person from each of the following:

Fire Department
Ambulance Association
Board of Selectmen
Board of Finance
A member of the general public who serves as chairperson

Municipal Agent for the Elderly



Voicemail 303

Second Saturday:   10:00 AM to Noon
Historic District Commission Third Tuesday:  7:00 PM - Town Hall

Building Official


Town of Bethlehem Building Department Site


Extension 211

Tuesday - Friday:    8:00 AM to 1:00 PM

For the purpose of issuing permits.

Inspections are by appointment only.

Please call to schedule an inspection.

If an inspection is needed, leave a message, with the customers name, location, type of inspection, the day and time that you would like the inspection, and telephone number where you, the caller, can be reached.

Public Works

For any public works or road questions, concerns, or comments, please call one of the following:


Cell Phone: 203-808-2327

Office Phone & Fax: 203-266-7448

Registrars of Voters
36 Main St South
Bethlehem, CT   06751



Extension 216



Saturdays: 10:00 AM to Noon

Connecticut Probate District 22




501 Main Street South (Room 103)
PO Box 720
Southbury, CT 06488-0720
Torrington Area Health 860-489-0436 (Septic System Permits)
Social Services Director 203-266-7677 -
Town Historian 203-266-7628-
Ambulance Association
P.O. Box 401
Bethlehem, CT 06751

non-emergency #

First & Third Monday: 7:30 PM - Fire House

Land Use Coordinator -



Voicemail 209

Tuesday:   9:00 AM to Noon


Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday

8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Residents can arrange for garbage and recycling to be picked up by private contractors, or it may be brought to the Transfer Station at 409 Main Street South (A sticker is required and may be obtained at the Town Clerk's office).

New Business-

To establish a new business in Bethlehem contact the Town Clerk's office.


Visitor Number: